March Students of the Month

     Congratulations to Jeremy and James. These students have worked hard on their academic studies and their use of coping strategies. Most importantly, they have demonstrated resilience when responding to challenging events. Congratulations! You both truly deserve this honor!

The Importance of Reading
Children at The Lead School spend part of every day silently reading a book of their choice. Reading is important for so many reasons, but recent research indicates that it may be more important than originally thought. The following are just some of the benefits children gain from reading:
1. Reading exercises the brain. Reading is a complex task that not only strengthens brain connections, it actually builds new connections.
2. Reading improves a child's vocabulary and spelling, leading to more highly developed language skills.
3. Reading develops a child's imagination.
4. Children who read for enjoyment do better in school.
It is important that children spend at least 20 -30 minutes a day engaged in reading.