"Thank You, The Lead School and staff have been a blessing to me and my son even my family. If it wasn't for you all I don't know where we would be. I would stand behind this school and support y'all on anything y'all do or need. I love The Lead School.  I Thank God For Y'all Everyday he comes home he is full of laughter and hope that he is getting better and he is a good person.  His confidence is through roof. He has even rubbed off on his older brother. You all deserve an Oscar. Thank you, for having my son attend The Lead School." 

"I was extremely nervous for my son to switch schools and move to the Lead school. It was the best move EVER!!!! He is so happy there. He looks so forward to going to school. He actually cries when they are on a break. He misses his teacher, paras, and friends. All the staff is really nice. My son loves everyone there but especially Mr. Rudy and Mrs. Colleen. I can tell he feels safe with them. He has changed so much since attending there. He is more independent and uses his words better to make full sentences. I have been super happy and really impressed with the whole experience."

"We just wanted to say thank you and we appreciate all of you. Thanks for all your time, love and patience that you give to all the students it really shows. My son has a love for school again and looks forward to going. From the bottom of our hearts thank you"

"I wanted to thank you for working so well with my son.  For loving and supporting him, for staying consistent and disciplined. He is very challenging but you don't give in and it's paying off.  He is wearing a coat,  pants and shoes without holes.  This is major progress and it's all because of your help at The Lead School.  His behavior is getting better at home. He loves school.  I'm so blessed to have found you and your amazing staff!!! From the bottom of my heart,  thank you."