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Important Dates

March 20-24                               Spring Break

April 20-21                                      No School

                               Professional Development

May 25-26                                       No School                                 Professional Development


May-29-                                           No School

 June 2                                      Session Break   

June 5- 28                              Summer Session

June 19                                            No School

June 29-                                          No School

July 5                                        Session Break

July 6-28                                Summer Session

July 31-                                           No School

August 4                                    Session Break

August 8-25                           Summer Session

August 18                                        No School

August 28-30                                   No School

                               Professional Development




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Parent Tips

University of Utah Health Communications


"The teen years can be a struggle for both teenagers and their parents. Kids at this age are notoriously moody. But many parents wonder: Is it normal for a teenager to be angry all the time? 

It’s natural for teens to have a certain level of irritability, says Tiffany Nielsen, LCSW, social worker and youth residential treatment manager at Huntsman Mental Health Institute. But it could be something more serious if your child’s emotions are interfering with their ability to handle everyday activities at home or school. Nielsen explains what causes anger in teens and how to help an angry teenager feel better."

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Our Mission 

It is the mission of The Lead School to provide an environment which promotes the academic, emotional, social and vocational growth and development of students whose needs are not being met by the traditional school setting.

Who We Serve

Who We Are

The Lead School serves students with a variety of behavioral and social emotional diagnoses including emotional disturbance, autism, specific learning disabilities, sensory disabilities, mental health diagnoses, other health impairments, and traumatic brain injury.

The Lead School is approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to serve students age 5 through 21. 

The Lead School was founded in 2013 to address the emotional and academic needs of students who struggle in the regular environment. Over the past seven years, we have grown from one student to over sixty students. The Lead School currently contracts with eleven school districts in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren and Franklin Counties.

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