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Employment Opportunities

The Lead School is currently hiring for a
Therapeutic Support Assistant.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Vision insurance


  • Day shift

  • Monday to Friday 8:30-3:30


  • Associate (Preferred)


1. Create and Implement Social Group
     a. Create Lesson Plans for each class   

     relevant to their grade/learning level
     b. Create Pre/Post tests for each topic         to assess the understanding of each             student
     c. Collect and record all rubric data 

     (level 1-4) for each student
     d. Grade and document grades for each

     student- keep records of all students’

     past and current grades
     e. Create weekly objectives for each 

     topic taught.
     f. Create and maintain sub plans when

     g. Develop short term goals and follow 

     up with students as needed

2. Data collection IEP and gradelink
     a. File all morning check in sheets and

     any other work needed for student

     b. Collect data for the leadership party

     and how many times each student has

     attended in that year
     c. Document specific student notes into


     d. Contribute IEP data (group 

     behavior)  for school counselor to

     e. Provide a summary of student's

     performance for upcoming IEP

     meetings and as needed

3. Therapeutic Department: Planning/Clerical .
     a. Create, organize, assemble and

     maintain lesson plans and ideas into

     b. Organize and file paperwork.
     c. Put up bulletin boards.
     d. Assist with long term projects.

4. School Wide Trainings and Professional Development
     a. Create professional development

     presentations that directly relates to

     our population and needs
     b. Assist in preparing and presenting 

     professional development

     presentations for staff
     c. Attend professional development as


5. Other Duties
     a. Assist school counselor on projects 

     and tasks assigned
     b. Create, update and maintain local

     community resources for parents and

     c. Update and maintain website

     resource page
     d. Meet with school counselor twice a

     month for supervision
     e. Hotline students as requested for

     attendance concerns
     f. Assist with other duties as needed

6. Expectations
     a. Maintain attendance and punctuality
     b. Completes all trainings required for

     employment at The Lead School
     c. Contribute in creating and

     maintaining a safe, orderly and   

     therapeutic environment for everyone

     at The Lead School
     d. Participates in maintaining the

     therapeutic component of the school

     through modeling, teaching and

     enforcing the rules and expectations of

     The Lead School
     e. Abide by FERPA laws regarding

     student privacy
     f. Respect students’ families by 

     refraining from discussing personal 

     information you may hear or read
     g. Respect staff privacy by refraining

     from sharing with anyone the personal

     information you hear or read
     h. Maintain strict confidentiality

     regarding anything having to do with

     calls made to the Child Abuse Hotline
     i. Maintain the confidentiality of all

     aspects of The Lead School’s

     proprietary information, including but

     not limited to the details of the

     academic and therapeutic program,

     school philosophy, business decisions,

     employee hiring and termination, and 

     staff salaries, expenditures, tuition and


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