Welcome to The Lead School. We are so glad you will be a part of our school community. It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome you to your new school. Together we will create a safe and respectful learning community where student goals are met by personalized instruction, creative learning opportunities and a strong support system.



The mission of The Lead School is to create an academic and therapeutic environment for students who have difficulty learning in the traditional education environment. We accomplish this by emphasizing small classrooms, creating a therapeutic environment and increasing each student’s ability to function successfully in society.



Our goal is to personalize education for every student. Together we will set goals that will guide you successfully through your years at The Lead School. We strongly believe that children are most successful when parents are involved in their children’s education. We hope that through the combined efforts of home and school, your child will develop more leadership skills, hold themselves accountable, and become more empathetic as they strive to succeed.



If you have any questions please contact






Shanna Smith, M.A.