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Academic Programs

Academics are an important part of every student's day at The Lead School. All students, elementary through high school, actively engage in reading, math, science and social studies every day according to the standards set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Lead School recognizes that our students are non-traditional learners and therefore, require a non-traditional teaching approach. Our philosophy emphasizes hands-on, project based, experiential learning. If a subject can be taught through a game or a lab or a project, for example, our teachers will choose those options. Teachers use a wide variety of resources, from commercial textbooks to teacher-created materials. They also address their students' individual learning styles and preferences. Most importantly, our teachers truly believe their students can learn, which promotes self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

Technology is also an important part of our learning environment. The Lead School is currently a "one-to-one device school," meaning each student has access to their own Chromebook. Students use their Chromebooks to type papers, research subjects, and submit some assessments. The Lead School utilizes Google Classroom as a way for teachers to post assignments and communicate with their students. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive projector, allowing the board to become interactive. 


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