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Therapeutic Program

The Lead School's Therapeutic Program actively advocates for students of all backgrounds. We support students by building personal relationships, while preparing them for the challenges they will face both inside and outside the classroom, and throughout their lives.


Our goal is to prepare students for post-secondary academic achievement and professional success. We help students discover their strengths and abilities and empower them to explore various opportunities. In addition, we strive to provide a comfortable and safe school environment for everyone. 

Therapuetic Curriculum

Students engage in 90 minutes per week of therapeutic group activities appropriate to their age and level of maturity. Every morning, students complete a morning check-in sheet, which evaluates their specific needs such as sleep and eating patterns, emotional well being, and school and home life.

Mindfulness is an important component of all our therapeutic groups. The Lead School's therapeutic program follows DESE's grade level expectations in the areas of social-emotional skills, academic skills, and career development. 

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